How to reduce your community fees

As promised in the last blogs, I will share with you a number of things we have implemented for reducing our community fees. But before we do that let’s just remind ourselves of something interesting. I would think that by now almost all of us are aware of the energy saving light bulbs. The cost of these bulbs vary and at times are as high as 10x a standard tungsten light bulb. What I am trying to say is that in order to save electricity you have to spend at times a considerable sum replacing the tungsten light bulbs. Same applies to solar panels, salt water purification for swimming pool and so on.

Calling all presidents

If you are the president of your community you know how difficult it is to keep everyone happy and all questions answered. Many communities have already got a website, but none are multilingual or allow as much functionality as OCM a system that is designed specifically for communities, the president, the owners and the administrator.