Can I say no to being Community President?

Every community and urbanization requires a community president. In most Spanish communities, the role of President rotates between the neighbours and each year the presidency is changed, unless both the president and the owners are happy to carry on. There is no maximum term, but the minimum term is one year and if no one agrees to accept the role (in cases where there is no yearly rotation) then a draw is made to select a President among the owners.

Community President is a highly important role which can really make a difference in the way the community charges are spent, pushing through improvements, dealing with conflict – a good president can achieve a lot. However it can be a big responsibility and you may wish to say no, but can you get out of it?

In normal cases the answer unfortunately is no. However there are frequent cases where people refuse the role of President, particularly if the owners do not live in their property, or their health is not good and these issues can be proven to stand in the way of fulfilling the role adequately.

An owner can apply to the committee and ask them to accept their refusal of the position on certain grounds. If the committee accept these reasons then they will simply hold another election or draw to select the next President.

If they don’t feel that these are good reasons they can deny the refusal of the presidency and follow the legal route by starting the “procedimiento de equidad” (equality proceeding) and bringing it before a judge. It’s a relatively quick process and the judge must resolve the situation within 20 days.

However, the legal route is better avoided if possible as it can be expensive and create really negative feelings within the community. There are tools to make the role of Community President easier, such as a community website where people can communicate, share ideas and issues and solve problems even if all the owners aren’t living in the same place.

Recent loss of satellite TV channels Spain

Have you lost any TV channels on your urbanization? As a community president in Spain you are probably fielding all the enquiries from the owners so we thought we’d give you an update you can share.  As the president of my community, I have been lucky enough that through our community website, I’ve been able to update our owners and stop the spreading of large dishes across the community.

There has been much talk recently about the loss of certain UK TV channels such as 4HD, 4Seven and Channel 5 after many households across Spain stopped receiving them. A number of channels have moved from Astra 1N to Astra 2F with more channels due to make the move and to most this has come as a shock as they were unaware of any expected changes.

Other popular channels will be moving anytime between now and next summer and its said that if you have lost channel 5 now, then you will be very likely to lose all BBC, ITV channels and the remaining Channel 4 group including E4. However, until the channels actually make the move, it is uncertain what your current set-up will be able to receive.

What options have I got?

There are various companies offering solutions to this at the moment and many households on the Costa Blanca are being told to buy a bigger satellite dish in order to still pick up the channels. However on the Costa del Sol it’s still uncertain whether a bigger dish will even receive the channels after the move. So don’t rush out for a bigger satellite dish yet!

At the moment it seems the best advice would be to do nothing until more of the channels have made the move to the new satellite then you know exactly what you can still receive. Some people are being told they will lose all channels on the 16th December but it’s not certain which channels will be moving on that date, if any at all, however what is certain is that it will not be all of them.

The reception of the UK channels received in Spain from the new satellite is currently unknown so there is still a chance you could pick up some of the channels after the move.  There is not enough space on the new satellite for all the channels to move at the same time either which is why two new satellites will be launched in 2013 and 2014 and the remaining channels will be moved over then, so rest assured that this process is likely to be gradual.

If you really miss the channels you have already lost then a solution at the moment would be IPTV which is television through your internet. Many companies are currently offering this as a solution but its worth baring in mind that it may not be the same quality you would be used to with HD channels and it relies on a strong internet connection. You can also watch UK television via

To be able to connect with owners on your urbanization and answer questions like this, a handy tool is an online community forum which is one of the features of our OCM community website.


Is everyone on your urbanization registered on the Padron?

There are just four weeks left now until the end of the year and the deadline to sign up to the padron, or the municipal register which each town uses to show how many residents they have.

As a community president you will understand the importance of your residents signing on the municipal register, as it will help get your town the budget it needs when it comes to