Changing your Administrator

Every community can decide to outsource the management of their community installations, services and book keeping to an Administrator.   The Administrator therefore will be in charge of preparing the budget, managing the works, make payments and handling of all the accounts. While an Administrator needs to have a university degree in Property Administration, lawyers and accountants are also allowed to practice in this sector.  The role can also be fulfilled by any owner within the same community.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful community garden

Communal areas are important for fostering community spirit and having a beautiful garden area where residents can relax and enjoy the Spanish weather is a real benefit for everyone. However, gardening in Spain can be tough if you don’t want to spend money on full time staff to look after your plants and also want to minimise water use. Saving water is not just an environmental issue, it’s also a way to minimize community costs when you’re being charged on a water meter!

The greenest, most cost-effective way to garden in Spain is to use native plants which have evolved to cope with the dry weather and choose drought resistant varieties from other parts of the world. These plants, trees and grasses are still beautiful, but they take much less looking after and won’t use up too much of the precious water.

How can the Community embargo a debtor’s property?

One of the most frequent and troubling issues facing communities in the current economic climate is owners not paying their community fees and accruing large debts which they cannot pay. There are some communities where a significant percentage of owners are not paying. In these cases the community suffers as general maintenance, gardening, pool cleaning and essential services cannot be paid for.

All owners are legally obliged to contribute to community fees within the time period stated by the community. If owners are not paying there are a number of stages to go through to recover the money. The final stage is the legal route, where a judge can embargo the property in order to recover debts.

However don’t jump straight into legal action, in many cases issues can be dealt with amicably and this should be the ultimate aim. Community Presidents should start by speaking to the owner in an open and friendly manner and look to set up an achievable payment plan which can help them out of their debts.

Is there an alternative to Chlorine?

With our lovely Spanish weather many urbanisations have swimming pools which are very popular with families, owners and also holiday makers. However maintaining water quality without using tons of chemicals can be hard. More and more community presidents are looking for alternatives to chlorine so they don’t have the smell, can stop damage to hair and bathing suits and can reduce adding potentially dangerous chemicals into the environment.