Swimming pool regulations for Spanish urbanisations

If you have a pool on your urbanisation and there are more than 20 properties there are a number of important rules and regulations you need to comply with, one of the most contentious and costly being pool fencing.

The Junta de Andalucia specifies a number of regulations including:

Children’s Pools for use for children under six should be no deeper than 40cm in depth and not contain gradients of more than 10% per meter. These pools should be totally separate from other pools so the children cannot access adult pool areas.

Evicting tenants from your Spanish Property

Renting out your Spanish property is an obvious way to recoup your investment, cover the costs of mortgage payments and community fees and if you are currently unable to sell, allow you to make money from your property whilst the market recovers.

Owners have the option to choose short term rentals, ideal if you wish to use the property during the year but aren’t tied in to the peak seasons of Easter and Summer. There’s a lot of competition for rentals in the peak season but there are some properties which are more in demand, such as large villas with pools. If your property is desirable for holiday makers it can be highly lucrative, but can be a pain to manage. It’s also apparent that the tax office is cracking down on unpaid taxes for holiday rentals and owners are required to declare their income and pay 24% of income made by rentals.