Innovation. Urbytus: The Home Owners Association (Communities of property owners) web platform

In 2005 to 2007, I kept reviewing how I can improve the way things work at our Home Owners Association (HOAs as they are known in the US) or otherwise known as communities of property owners or (Comunidades de Propietarios in Spanish) and their respective management companies that ran these communities. (see what is Urbytus)

I had started working on a web service for our own community and I talked to many friends and clients about the online program I had in mind for my community and the services I could provide through it.  Some people were against the idea and others found it a wonderful idea.  Internet access, broadband and penetration was still low and smart phones were still not in everyone’s hand, but the more I talked about it, the more it was clear that this was a sector in need of change.