Who will win the next elections? I can almost guarantee you my predictions

It is election times again, not just in UK or Spain, but also very soon in the USA and with all the presidential campaigns; I cannot help but think of communities of properties.

In fact communities of properties are pretty much the same. They have annual general meetings and elections. They have a budget, general expenses, fixed income and unexpected costs.  There are also different groups of people in all communities and each

OCM updates and new modules.

Dear All,
You will have noticed that in the past couple of months we have made a fair few upgrades to our website. As we have not had the chance to let you know about each update at each stage, here is a quick summary.

1. User Management
You will have already noticed some of these updates. First of all when you go to User Management you will notice a user icon with a green tick for all those users who have

Have you purchased or about to purchase a new

For many foreigners purchasing a property in Spain is an investment, a second property or possibly winter residence.  While most people leave everything in the hands of their solicitors to complete, they are often unaware of all the things that need attending to after the purchase of a property.  So here is what I have composed as my list of most important items.  However they are not in any particular order of importance.